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Dear Family and Friends,
16 years ago, I began my career at Ridge Country Club. At the time, there were 10 juniors in the Friday junior golf program and 27 women in the golf leagues. To date we now have over 150 kids in 4 different junior golf programs and over 100 women in all 3 women’s leagues. Growing the game at Ridge has been one of my proudest career accomplishments. To say I’ve enjoyed my time at Ridge is an understatement, I’ve loved every minute working here. We’ve created so many life long memories from hitting golf shots with Phil Mickelson at Solider Fields with the PGA Jr League kids to memorable golf trips with members and everything in between. Ridge Country Club is the family golf club to be at! In what has become one of the hardest decision my family and I have faced, it’s bittersweet to announce that on December 31, 2020, I will be resigning from my position at Ridge Country club as your Director of Golf. My family and I will pursue a lifelong dream of mine: owning the Nicklaus Design, Fyre Lake Golf Club in Sherrard, Illinois.
It really brings a tear to my eye thinking about how special this place has been to me. I met my wife, Alyssa at Ridge Country Club. If it wasn’t for Ridge I wouldn’t have my two beautiful girls, Sydney and Cecilia. My two boys, Nicholas and Marc Anthony were able to grow up at the club. Though they think golf is slow and at times boring they’ve decided to become caddies. This is actually surreal for us to be resigning from my wonderful career at an amazing club with the greatest members a golf professional could ask for. 
Thank you to the board of directors, membership and my outstanding staff and colleagues; I’m going to miss all of you. My memories will last a lifetime and I’ll always call Ridge my home. There are so many people I want to thank for giving me the best 16 years of my life, but I’ll do that in person. Let’s celebrate by continuing with a great golf season- play some golf and have some laughs and drinks. Covid isn’t stopping us now!
This isn’t good bye, but yet a new chapter in my family’s life. I will only be a short 2.5-hour drive and I hope you’ll visit us at Fyre. Thank you for letting me be your Director of Golf. I look forward to a new chapter for both myself and this great club!
Thank you,
Mark, Alyssa, Nicholas, Marc Anthony, Sydney and Cecilia Krizic

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